What Is The Difference Between Inversion Relining And Sectional Relining?

Inversion Relining And Sectional Relining?

Inversion Relining And Sectional Relining

Traditionally, pipes have been replaced rather than repaired, often digging up large amounts of your property in the process. Trenchless pipe relining is the modern alternative, enabling pipe restoration and repairs to a new long lasting condition. It cuts time, cost, and physical effort.

A beneficial solution results for both the plumber completing the work and the customer. Usually, the style of trenchless pipe relining chosen depends on the type, and extent of the damage.

Two common methods used by pipe and drain repair specialists are:

  • Inversion Relining
  • Sectional Pipe Relining

What Is Inversion Pipe Relining?

Inversion pipe relining technology is a method of no-dig pipe repair. It does exactly as the name says, relining the affected pipe from the inside.

It involves filling lining material with a special resin mixture, before inserting it into the damaged pipe to cure.

Performed primarily by a fully licenced plumber with specialised training in pipe relining, it’s a service that many plumbing companies don’t offer. It’s strongly advised that you entrust an experienced pipe relining specialist with the relining process for a long lasting pipe repair solution.

There are many advantages to the inversion pipe relining method, which includes:

  • Able to repair the entire drain system
  • No destructive excavation
  • Cost effective solution
  • Permanently stops tree root intrusion
  • Covers cracks to stop leaking
  • Very fast turnaround time
  • Very quiet so it can be done any time, day or night
  • Suitable for all sized pipes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves water flow
  • Designed for a 50-year life expectancy (fully tested independently).

There’s one catch to performance of pipe relining technology; that it can’t always be completed. When pipes are too far gone in terms of damage, large gaps in the material can occur, meaning that any relining wouldn’t be able to hold onto the structure.

Brawoliner pipe relining technology offers a flexible drain repair solution when longer lengths of pipe require rehabilitation. The Brawoliner system is one of the best in the world for a range of pipe repairs, its seamless liner can adapt to varied pipe conditions such as a change in pipe diameter, bends, and joints.

This cost effective durable solution can be used in a huge range of applications such as residential homes, commercial buildings and industrial plants. Lasting more than 50 years the Brawoliner system means your pipes are good for a very long time.

What Is Sectional Pipe Relining?

Sectional pipe relining, is an alternative to traditional pipe repair methods. It’s an ideal solution for smaller damaged sections in your piping.

Our team can identify cracks etc in your drains, as well as repair them without the need to dig up the pipe by using a structured pipe patch. The patch made from fibreglass matting that has been impregnated with a specially formulated silicate resin.

Following inspection using a drain camera, repairs are undertaken using a structured pipe patch.

Once we have prepared the correct length of pipe patch with the resin, we deliver it to the damaged section of the pipe using a specially designed DrainPacker. When in place, the DrainPacker inflates ensuring a good fit until the resin cures to a solid structural lining.

Here are just some of the pipe patch benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to most pipe materials, including vitrified clay, plastic, and steel
  • Handles both extremely high and low temperatures
  • Good resistance to acids and caustics
  • Structural, meaning it will help strengthen a weakened section of pipe
  • Designed for a 50-year life expectancy (fully tested independently)

Which Pipe Relining Method Is Best For Me?

The style of trenchless pipe relining to best suit your relining or piping repair depends on the type, and extent of the damage of the pipe. For sectional fixes the pipe patching is a better option, whereas inversion relining is a better option for pipes with damage on a larger extent of area.

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With years of experience in the industry and a great team of knowledgeable tradesmen we can deliver your solution on time and on budget. If you’re looking for an inspection or quote on a service or just have some questions about it, please contact us today.

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