How Much Does Pipe Relining In Sydney Cost?

How Much Does Pipe Relining In Sydney Cost

Pipe Relining Sydney Cost

Pipe relining is the go-to method for repairing drains cost-effectively and conveniently. There are several benefits to pipe relining including saving time, hassle, and money, but how much does pipe relining in Sydney cost?

If left in disrepair, the cracks and defects in sewer pipes can start to cause problems. This can be anything from leaks and foul smells to more serious problems like structural damage and blockages.

Pipe relining works by adding a protective layer to the inside of the drain. This forms a coating to protect against cracks and other defects.

There is no set pipe relining cost Sydney, the cost depends on a number of different factors. However, we will provide you with an estimate of what it will cost later in this article.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Pipe Relining?

So you’ve decided that pipe relining is the best way to go – but there are quite a number of variables in place when it comes to getting started.

When it comes to sewer pipe relining cost, there are a number of factors that contribute to the final cost. The key factors that can affect the cost of sewer pipe relining are:

Has a CCTV drain inspection been conducted?

A CCTV drain inspection identifies the exact issue with the piping and its precise location. Once a CCTV drain inspection is conducted you will then have a better understanding of the issue and what it's going to take to fix it.

What kind of access to the pipe is there?

The locations and number of access points or manholes the drains have and how many connections are within the drains will contribute to how easy the access is to fix the issue. The harder the access the more it will cost.

How many lateral cuts are needed?

Once the drain is relined, it usually blocks pipe intersections. Lateral cuts allow the water to flow through the intersection. More cuts increase the price.

What is the existing pipe condition?

Once the CCTV drain inspection is conducted you will then have a good understanding of the repairs needed. Hydro jet drain cleaning is then needed to break up debris or other substances found within, around, or attached to the drain or pipe. This removes blockages and builds to help restore the optimum flow within the pipe.

Length and diameter of the pipe?

The length and diameter of the damaged pipe will dictate the materials that will need to be used. Obviously, the larger the length and diameter, the more reline material the job will require.

Where is the location of the damage?

Another important factor in how difficult it is to perform a pipe relining repair is where the damage is located in the pipe, for example a repair along the body of the pipe will be easier than along a junction.

So How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

Pipe relining Sydney costs will vary depending on each situation. The cost of pipe relining in Sydney per metre can be anywhere from $400 to $1100 or more.

Pipe relining can seem expensive in the short term when compared to traditional replacement, but it comes out on top when considering the added costs of installing a new driveway, the hassle of excavation and all the amount of time it takes.

It’s important to note each job can vary significantly depending on the site or equipment required, we highly recommend you consult one of our professionals to get an accurate free quote.

If it seems like too much of a fuss to get your pipes relined, ask yourself how much more inconvenient it might be when a pipe starts to leak and the plumbers tell you they need to dig up your driveway, landscape, or even your premises.

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