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At P24 Relining, clearing blocked sewer and stormwater drains in Sydney is our specialty.

When you choose us to clear your blocked drain you know you’re getting the most qualified, affordable, honest and efficient answer to your blocked drains Sydney needs.

If you’ve got blocked, clogged or broken drain in Sydney, we can help to get your drains flowing again, fast. We’ve dedicated a major part of our business to the following types of blocked drains:

  • Residential Blocked Drains Sydney
  • Commercial Blocked Drains Sydney
  • Blocked Drains Services For Plumbers In Sydney
Blocked Drains Sydney

In Need Of A Blocked Drains Service In Sydney?

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We Are The Blocked Drains Experts In Sydney

At P24 Relining we keep up with the latest blocked drains equipment and technology to ensure that we offer our customers the best blocked drains Sydney services possible. We can not only locate and identify any issues in your sewer or drain without digging using our robotic CCTV drain camera, we can then rectify the problem through hydro jet drain cleaner and then prevent future problems by performing our trenchless pipe relining service.

We know just how frustrating and debilitating to your day a blocked drain can be, and that’s why we are 100% committed to ensuring your satisfaction by solving the problem in a timely, professional and friendly manner. If you need a Sydney blocked drains service, our qualified and experienced plumbers will be able to solve the issue quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

At P24 Relining we have over a decade of experience in blocked drains Sydney services. We specialise in clearing and repairs of drains and sewers, and are available to dispatch to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in and around Sydney, often on the same day as your call.

Contact P24 Relining today to get your blocked drains sorted out! You’ll be impressed with our fast, professional service, and even more so with our reliable, long lasting solutions. We’ll be at your door in a flash, 24 hours, 7 days! Our experienced team can assist with all kinds of blocked drain, clogged drain, broken pipe, burst pipe, or other issue that requires Sydney blocked drains experts.

We Will Clear Your Blocked Drains Today With Our Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner

To clear a blocked pipe or drain at P24 Relining we use the latest technology and drain clearing device - the 5000 psi high pressure hydro jet drain cleaner. We will clear your blocked drain, flush out your entire line and have your pipes flowing as good as new. It's just like a high pressure car wash for your sewer or stormwater pipes!

Our high pressure hydro jet drain cleaner can cut through tree roots, debris and waste build up. Plus it's more aggressive on blockages and much gentler on your pipes than the old drain snake and electric eel methods. It's also a drain cleaning machine as it thoroughly cleans the pipes to help prevent further build up.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner

Hydro-jet drain cleaners are an extremely effective and efficient way to clear both your sewer and stormwater drains. High pressure water blasts out of the end of a small nozzle attached to the hose. The hose is placed into the drain and self-propels itself through the pipe blasting through any obstacles, such as tree roots, grease, moss, dirt that are in its path.

No matter where you reside in Sydney or how clogged your sewer pipes are, the high-pressure hydro jet drain cleaner is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to clear your blocked drains. The high pressure jetters aren't just a blockage remover - they are a drain clearing and drain cleaning machine!

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner For Your Blocked Pipe?

At P24 Relining we keep up to date with all the latest hydro jet cleaning equipment and drain cleaning techniques to ensure you receive only the very best service possible. So, what are the advantages of using the hydro jet cleaner for your blocked drains Sydney situation?

  • Hydro jet cleaning is much more cost-effective than the traditional methods because it is many times more efficient.
  • Plumbers usually can snake the clogs inside the drains but they cannot remove the grease or sludge. A high-pressure hydro jet removes them all and is highly effective in doing so.
  • It can reach blockages that are further along the pipes than what a conventional electric eel drain machine or drain snake can reach.
  • The hydro jets remove hairs, minerals and other things which are too tough to remove with traditional methods, this reduces the probability of re-clogging.
  • The ability of a hydro jet to reach exactly at the problem point and push the clog with accuracy from multiple angles is superb.
  • The chances of damaging pipes are low but the removal of the clog is 100%.
  • The high-pressure stream of water not only removes the scum build up but also removes any bacteria which might have developed and settled in the pipes. Thereby, removing the foul smell which comes from them.

We Can Find The Cause Of Your Blocked Drain Using Our CCTV Drain Camera

Not sure what is blocking your pipes or drain? Using our CCTV drain cameras we will find out exactly what is causing your drains to block up. Our inspections identify and locate serious drain problems like tree roots. Tree roots in your drains can also cause debris to build up and crack or collapse your pipes which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.

At P24 Relining we have several Closed Circuit TV drain cameras which can be placed down your drain or sewer pipe to see what is causing your blocked drains. The drain camera will clearly identify any damages that may have occurred to the pipe from the blockage or determine why the drain has blocked up and will allow us to find and identify the exact location and problem of the blockage to decide on the most effective clearing method.

CCTV Drain Camera

Collapsed pipes, tree roots, misaligned pipes and foreign objects in the drain are all other problems we identify when we use the CCTV camera. In some cases, drain problems can be ongoing and require further assistance, again, this is where one of our CCTV drain cameras can help.

So what if your pipes are damaged? There are a few potential options you can take. You can replace your clay pipes with new PVC pipes. New PVC pipes are better at stopping tree roots from penetrating them. Or you may be able to drain reline your sewer pipes which is what we would highly recommend. This will save digging up your property and therefore an economical alternative to replacing the pipes.

How Do Drains Get Blocked?

Blocked drains and blocked pipes may start as minor issues but can quickly escalate into major problems. A blocked drain can cause slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding, and, in extreme cases, sewage backup and costly repairs. Preventing them starts with recognizing how the drains are becoming blocked.

Heavy rain can cause severe storm water drain blockages, as debris clog your storm grate, pipe and outlet. The build-up of foreign materials such as hair or soap can also cause severe drain blockage. Below are the 8 most common household causes for the blocking of drains.

  • hair
  • soap
  • dirt
  • food waste
  • mineral build-up
  • small objects
  • toilet paper build-up
  • tree roots

We Provide A 24/7 Emergency Blocked Drains Sydney Service

If you notice a blocked drain, clogged drain, broken pipe, burst pipe, or other issue that requires a 24-hour plumber who can quickly and cleanly go about clearing clogged drains or blocked drains then we want you to know that are ready whenever you require us, day or night, weekend or holiday, P24 Relining will be there in a flash.

No matter where you are in Sydney, our emergency blocked drains Sydney team can get to you quickly and start the drain cleaning and unblocking process. We understand that a blocked drain situation is an incredibly frustrating plumbing issue to be faced with.

Emergency Blocked Drains Sydney Service

This is especially true if the blocked drain occurs late at night or any other time that it can be difficult to get a hold of a blocked drain specialist in Sydney. With this in mind, our service has evolved to protect customers from the damage and inconvenience that a late-night blocked drain can create.

When you need an emergency blocked drains Sydney specialist or any other plumbing problem that calls for a skilled and reliable plumber, contact P24 Relining & Relining and we will be on our way as soon as possible. We are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to pinpoint and fix the problem, meaning faster solutions for you.

Save Time & Money With Our Blocked Drains Sydney Service

It is best to tackle blocked drains Sydney issues as soon as possible to prevent against irreversible and often costly damage. Although you might think a blocked drains Sydney solution is a quick fix, this is not necessarily so. Placed in the wrong hands you can actually cause more problems for your pipes and drains, which can lead to further leaks, damage, and expensive repairs.

General plumbers may not be able to help you with damaged or blocked drains, simply because they don’t have the technology and expertise required. Clearing and unblocking drains is what P24 Relining specialises in, and as such have spent the last 15 years perfecting our craft. That’s why blocked drains Sydney are best left to the professionals at P24 Relining.

Whatever the blockage, drain or pipe, the team at P24 Relining has the experience and know-how unclog blocked drains Sydney quickly and affordably. We’ll come to you equipped with tips, tricks, and tools to isolate the problem and make it disappear. Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 to discuss your plumbing needs and coordinate a fast, reliable solution. We guarantee results, saving you time and money.

Blocked Drains Clearing Sydney

Blocked Drains Sydney Advantages

Blockages in your drains and pipes are generally caused by excessive fat and silt deposits, faulty pipe work or root intrusion and damage. The team at P24 Relining handles all types of blocked drains, big or small. We clear blocked drains Sydney using modern techniques and specialised equipment such as hydro jet drain cleaner.

Digging up large sections of your property to find blocked drain causes is a thing of the past. We utilise the latest technology in plumbing inspection equipment, including a CCTV Drain Camera, to locate the exact location of the blocked drain and work out the best solution to fix it.

Blocked Drains Cleaning Sydney

The team at P24 Relining have been cleaning drains of tree roots and debris, and replacing collapsed and damaged pipes for over a decade. We recognise the importance of adopting fast and proficient methods for cleaning and maintaining drainage systems, which is why we use the latest technologies in blocked drains Sydney and highly trained staff to achieve the best results.

Regular drain cleaning can minimise the likelihood of blocked drains. If your home or business relies on a healthy plumbing system we suggest that a periodic drain clean is included in your routine maintenance schedule. With over a decade's experience cleaning clogged up drains, and a friendly go-getter attitude, our professional plumbers can clean your drains effectively and efficiently.

Blocked Drains Repairs Sydney

At P24 Relining we endeavour to deliver blocked drain repairs Sydney solutions of the highest quality for complete customer satisfaction. Our skilled team are able to complete our services without causing any additional damage to the existing plumbing infrastructure. We can complete any necessary plumbing repairs and drain repairs as well as the installation of new plumbing, pipes and drains.

If your drains or pipes have cracks and holes affecting the quality of the water flow or drainage they do not have to be completely replaced. Thanks to our adoption of unique and reliable technologies our team can successfully conduct drain relining services on Sydney plumbing infrastructure. By using drain relining our plumbing experts can simultaneously repair and strengthen your damaged pipes or drains without having to resort to costly excavation works.

Why Choose P24 To Provide You With A Blocked Drains Sydney Solution?

Providing plumbing services for over a decade, we are highly regarded for our professional and affordable services. Whether your drain or sewer is blocked from stormwater or sewage, at P24 Relining we offer fast and cost-effective blocked drains Sydney services carried out by expert tradesmen.

Blocked Drains Sydney Solutions

We believe taking the time and effort in understanding the problems and issues is paramount to achieving the right outcomes for our customers. Therefore, our commitment to our customers is tantamount to the success of our business. We guarantee quality customer service, competitive rates and superior results.

P24 Relining is highly respected as an industry leader by plumbers in Sydney. With over 15 years of experience dealing with pipes and drains, we pride ourselves on providing quality services at affordable prices. As professional drain plumbers who specialise in blocked drains Sydney, our work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.

When it comes to providing a high quality and affordable blocked drains Sydney service, P24 Relining is the team for you. Our highly skilled team guarantees to find an answer to your problem. If you are looking to experience the best in Sydney, then reach out and speak to our team today.

Get A Free Blocked Drains Sydney Inspection & Quote!

For all your blocked drains Sydney needs, you only have to remember one name – P24 Relining!

We guarantee to get the job done right, the first time and even provide free inspections and free quotes. The quality of our workmanship is extremely important to us, not only to provide outstanding results for our customers, but also to maintain our reputation as the no.1 choice for blocked drains in Sydney.

With years of experience in the industry and a great team of knowledgeable tradesman we can deliver your solution on time and on budget. If you’re looking for an inspection or quote on a service or just have some questions about it, please contact us today.

Our number is 0484 242 424 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Interested In Our Blocked Drains Sydney Service?

P24 Relining are specialists in blocked drain diagnosis and clearing. We operate throughout Sydney and are available for same day services. We are equipped with the latest hydro jet drain cleaners and CCTV drain cameras.

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How Do We Clear Blocked Drains?

Our Blocked Drains Sydney Process


Drain Inspection

To get started, we visit your site and let our robotic CCTV camera pass through your drain into the pipework to locate what’s causing the clogging or distribution issues. The camera gives us a live video which allows us to be able to maneuver the camera as needed to get around objects and get to the source.

This gives our plumber helpful information such as: where the blockage is located within the pipe, the size of the blockage and also what's causing the blockage.


Clearing the Blocked Drain

We then clear out any debris that’s blocking the flow of water (or other liquids) using our high pressure hydro jet drain cleaner. We rarely, if at all, need to dig anything but for uncommon situations, we might require to dig a small hole although clients are assured that their site will be restored to its original state.

In most cases a blocked drain is able to be cleared by using just a hydro jet drain cleaner. The purpose built, high flow water jetter is able to dislodge the majority of blockages with ease and zero damage done to the integrity of the drain.

If for whatever reason the blocked drain is unable to be cleared with a water jetter we can use our robotic cutters. This tool has a high-speed cutting head that can cut through pretty much anything, including large tree roots, steel or even concrete.


Check For Damage

After clearing the pipes, we then review the pipe again with our robotic CCTV drain camera again. This is to ensure that all intrusions have been removed and the pipe is clean of all debris. If we locate any damage we then proceed to the relining.


Drain Relining

Drain Relining will prevent it from happening again. Drain or Pipe Relining allows you to reline the inside of your drain so that you have a smooth inner surface and a hard exterior surface stopping pesky tree roots from being able to penetrate through again.

The relining sock is inserted into your drain and then expanded to fill all holes, nooks or crannies that are in your existing pipe. Once expanded a special UV light is then inserted into the drain to help cure the new lining membrane. Once cured the relined section of pipe will be twice as strong as it was and will stop any blockages from happening in the near future.

This will repair your pipe and essentially give you a new, watertight pipe that can last you up to 50 years.


Final Quality Check

Once the the damaged pipe has been completely lined, any junctions or inspection pits need to be cut out. With inspection pits, this can generally be completed from the surface with a grinder or similar. However, with junctions, a robotic cutter needs to be used.

This is our step-by-step pipe relining Sydney process our team at P24 Relining go through to remove blocked drains and give you a new and long lasting, watertight pipe.

Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Blocked Drains Sydney FAQ's

01. Why do my drains keep blocking?
If you have tried the conventional drain cleaning products and your drain still keeps on blocking, the problem could be bigger than grease, soap or hair. Flushing toiletries such as napkins or other foreign objects including cigarette butts, toys etc., can get stuck in the pipes and block your toilet drain. Also, outgrown tree roots or fallen leaves could be yet another reason causing your outdoor drains to block.
02. How do I know if my drain is blocked?
If your drains are blocked, there will be water pooling somewhere on your property. If your sewer is blocked, your toilet won’t be flushing away properly or your shower, bath or sinks will be draining slowly. Generally, you will notice bad smells around your property when drains or sewers are blocked.
03. Are there any “early warning signs” of a blocked drain?
If you hear gurgling or gulping sounds coming up from your shower, bath or sink or from the bathroom floor then your drains may already be partially blocked. If water is draining away slower than normal, if your toilet is taking a long time to flush away or the water level in it is rising or falling below normal levels, these are also warning signs of a blockage. If the drain outside your house overflows when the washing machine is in use, this is also a sign of a blockage.
04. What is the most effective way to unblock drains?
A high pressure hydro jet cleaner is the most effective way to clear and clean any blockages in your drain. It also works just as well 50 metres down the line as it does at the initial entry point. The electric eel is less effective the further it goes down the line.
05. What is a hydro jet drain cleaner?
A high pressure hydro jet drain cleaner is used to clear a blocked sewer or stormwater drain. The hydro jet is a 5000 psi water pressure system which connects to our pressure hose with a specially designed nozzle at the end. It propels itself forward down your drain, blasting any foreign matter within the area behind it and out of the drain. Ideal for blocked sewer & storm water drains, which have plenty of roots, rubbish, leaves, mud & roof silt.
06. How quickly can you fix my blocked drain or sewer?
We pride ourselves on our fast response. At P24 Relining blocked drains get same day priority. Blocked drains will be cleared as quickly as we can. If you have an urgent problem, call us on 0484 242 424 and we’ll get to you as fast as possible.
07. Do you service my area?
P24 Relining services the whole of Sydney. We have a great team of experienced blocked drains plumbers, so we can get to you wherever you are, fast.
08. Who is responsible for the cost of clearing a blocked drain?
The homeowner is usually responsible for the cost of clearing blocked drains and sewers, including the section of the stormwater drain that runs from your property out to the street. If you’re renting, the landlord should cover the cost, unless you have been doing something in your property outside the terms of your lease which causes the problem or you’ve been excessive in what you flush down your toilet.
09. What do I do if a neighbours blocked drain is causing me problems?
Many people don’t actually know where their drains run from and to, let alone their neighbours. Our CCTV drain cameras combined with our drain locating equipment can help map out exactly where your drains go and help you find out exactly where your drain problems are. We can help you discover if the blockage is being caused by something outside your property. We record the footage so you can show any third party what we have discovered and help you make your case.
10. Do you fix blocked drains on commercial properties?
Yes we do! We fix drains and sewers for shops, factories, offices, restaurants & cafes, public buildings, government offices or any premises or property that has a drain or sewer. We have the capacity to undertake large commercial projects or regular contract work.
11. Should I replace my drains if they are constantly getting blocked?
You don’t need to dig up and replace your drains, even if they are getting blocked regularly. P24 Relining can clear your drains properly then use our trenchless pipe relining system to reline your drains from the inside, without needing to dig up your precious garden or cut through your driveway. Relining is easier, faster and generally much, much cheaper than digging up your drains.

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