Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions


Pipe Relining Questions

01. How much does pipe relining cost?
After assessing and inspecting the pipe or drain with a CCTV camera, we are then able to provide you with a quote. We’re not able to quote on relining a pipe site unseen. We provide free inspections & quotes!
02. What pipes can be repaired?
Generally, our pipe relining process can repair any pipe and drain. We fix small pipes all the way up to complex sewer systems.
03. What damage can be repaired and relined in my pipe?
Pipe relining can repair any damage to the pipe, even if the pipe is missing in some sections. This includes pipes that are damaged or otherwise defective due to: tree roots, cracks, old age, dislodgement and erosion.
04. What pipe relining product do you use?
We have sourced the best products and equipment from around the world and use Brawoliners pipe relining system. Essentially, Brawoliner is a German manufacturer and world leader in pipe lining rehabilitation.
05. Do you offer any guarantees?
At P24 Relining we care about your peace of mind, we offer a 25 year warranty on all sections of our relined pipework – twice that of standard style excavations.
06. Will tree roots be able to re-enter my pipe once relined?
The end result of pipe relining is that it creates a joint-less end product. Ensuring that there is nowhere for the tree roots to enter the drain. Pipe relining is 100% effective against tree roots.
07. What is the lifespan of the relined pipe?
Pipe relining is a permanent solution. The life span of our material is over 50 years, which is actually longer than most modern PVC pipes!
08. Are relined pipes environmentally safe?
Absolutely – the new seamless pipe prevents infiltration and exfiltration and restores structural integrity of the pipe. Pipe relining eliminates joints – which can allow roots to enter the pipe and eventually weaken the pipe affected.
09. Will there be a reduction in pipe diameter?
There will be a slight reduction in the overall diameter of the pipe by around 6mm. Which is not enough to affect the required capacity of a storm drain or sewer. In fact, pipe relining will smooth the surface of the pipe, which will increase the flow rate of the pipe.
10. How long has this relining process been in use for?
P24 Relining have been pipe relining for over 15 years and continue to carry out constant research and development with this technology to provide you with the best solutions. This process has also been in use for over 25 year throughout Europe.
11. Ready to discuss your pipe relining Sydney solution?
If you want to find out more, schedule a free consultation by calling 0484 242 424 or emailing info@p24.com.au. Using a CCTV camera, we will carry out an inspection of the pipe to determine if the Trenchless solution is an option. We will then give you a written evaluation and recommendation of repairs.

Blocked Drains Questions

01. Why do my drains keep blocking?
If you have tried the conventional drain cleaning products and your drain still keeps on blocking, the problem could be bigger than grease, soap or hair. Flushing toiletries such as napkins or other foreign objects including cigarette butts, toys etc., can get stuck in the pipes and block your toilet drain. Also, outgrown tree roots or fallen leaves could be yet another reason causing your outdoor drains to block.
02. How do I know if my drain is blocked?
If your drains are blocked, there will be water pooling somewhere on your property. If your sewer is blocked, your toilet won’t be flushing away properly or your shower, bath or sinks will be draining slowly. Generally, you will notice bad smells around your property when drains or sewers are blocked.
03. Are there any “early warning signs” of a blocked drain?
If you hear gurgling or gulping sounds coming up from your shower, bath or sink or from the bathroom floor then your drains may already be partially blocked. If water is draining away slower than normal, if your toilet is taking a long time to flush away or the water level in it is rising or falling below normal levels, these are also warning signs of a blockage. If the drain outside your house overflows when the washing machine is in use, this is also a sign of a blockage.
04. What is the most effective way to unblock drains?
A high pressure hydro jet cleaner is the most effective way to clear and clean any blockages in your drain. It also works just as well 50 metres down the line as it does at the initial entry point. The electric eel is less effective the further it goes down the line.
05. What is a hydro jet drain cleaner?
A high pressure hydro jet drain cleaner is used to clear a blocked sewer or stormwater drain. The hydro jet is a 5000 psi water pressure system which connects to our pressure hose with a specially designed nozzle at the end. It propels itself forward down your drain, blasting any foreign matter within the area behind it and out of the drain. Ideal for blocked sewer & storm water drains, which have plenty of roots, rubbish, leaves, mud & roof silt.
06. How quickly can you fix my blocked drain or sewer?
We pride ourselves on our fast response. At P24 Relining blocked drains get same day priority. Blocked drains will be cleared as quickly as we can. If you have an urgent problem, call us on 0484 242 424 and we’ll get to you as fast as possible.
07. Do you service my area?
P24 Relining services the whole of Sydney. We have a great team of experienced blocked drains plumbers, so we can get to you wherever you are, fast.
08. Who is responsible for the cost of clearing a blocked drain?
The homeowner is usually responsible for the cost of clearing blocked drains and sewers, including the section of the stormwater drain that runs from your property out to the street. If you’re renting, the landlord should cover the cost, unless you have been doing something in your property outside the terms of your lease which causes the problem or you’ve been excessive in what you flush down your toilet.
09. What do I do if a neighbours blocked drain is causing me problems?
Many people don’t actually know where their drains run from and to, let alone their neighbours. Our CCTV drain cameras combined with our drain locating equipment can help map out exactly where your drains go and help you find out exactly where your drain problems are. We can help you discover if the blockage is being caused by something outside your property. We record the footage so you can show any third party what we have discovered and help you make your case.
10. Do you fix blocked drains on commercial properties?
Yes we do! We fix drains and sewers for shops, factories, offices, restaurants & cafes, public buildings, government offices or any premises or property that has a drain or sewer. We have the capacity to undertake large commercial projects or regular contract work.
11. Should I replace my drains if they are constantly getting blocked?
You don’t need to dig up and replace your drains, even if they are getting blocked regularly. P24 Relining can clear your drains properly then use our trenchless pipe relining system to reline your drains from the inside, without needing to dig up your precious garden or cut through your driveway. Relining is easier, faster and generally much, much cheaper than digging up your drains.